GE WMR04GADBB Compact Refrigerator Review

If you have ever wanted a compact fridge that provides all the essential features of a conventional, upright refrigerator, then your best option is the GE WMR04GADBB Freestanding Compact Refrigerator.

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GE WMR04GADBB Compact Refrigerator
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The GE WMR04GADBB is unlike other freestanding/upright compact fridges on the market today, because it provides a wide range of features that will surely captivate your own unique taste in compact appliances. Here are some of the key advantages of owning a GE WMR04GADBB today:

The GE WMR04GADBB has a compact freezer section at the very top, so you can store a moderate amount of fresh items, as well as make ice cubes if you are craving a really cold glass of your favorite beverage.

Just schedule the defrosting, turn off the thermostat and the GE WMR04GADBB will automatically defrost on its own. The GE WMR04GADBB will remain in active freezing mode for as long as you want, and when you’re ready to tidy things up in your new fridge, it’s also ready to defrost quickly, so you can get back to your routine.

Tired of twiddling with temperature controls that are hard to understand? GE has redesigned its own thermostat controls so you can easily choose the setting that you need instantly. The analog controls installed in every GE WMR04GADBB ensures that anyone can easily adjust the cooling level and power consumption of the compact fridge.

It has been proven that even moderate adjustments in a compact fridge’s thermostat over a period of months can help reduce power consumption. With the GE WMR04GADBB you can save time (by not twiddling with thermostat controls that make no sense) and money (over the long term!).

Actual storage is one half of the battle when it comes to purchasing compact fridges. Without great storage, a compact fridge can become a nuisance rather than a source of joy in the dorm or in your office.

What really makes the GE WMR04GADBB stand out is the fact that it’s taller than most compact fridges, and yet the shelves are all removable and adjustable.

That means you can change the order, and even number of shelves, so you can store anything that fits into the fridge’s interior. Say goodbye to squeezing into tight spaces – with the GE WMR04GADBB you don’t have to do that at all.

What about beverages? You can place your cans on the main shelves near the freezer compartment, or you can place them in the special storage slots located on the side door of the fridge.

A compact cube-type fridge only measure 2 cubic feet in total… The GE WMR04GADBB’s freezer section alone measures 2 cubic feet! So, technically, you are getting the storage capacity of two fridges with this particular model, with the same power consumption.

Having trouble fitting things into your dorm room or office? No problem! The GE WMR04GADBB has a streamlined design so you can place it near the wall with zero trouble. The two legs in front can also be adjusted so you can elevate or lower the unit as you see fit.