Liebherr 36″ Built-In French Door Refrigerator – HCB 1560 Review

The Liebherr HCB 1560 is next up. Also Energy Star certified, this model comes with top of the line NoFrost freezer compartments, equipped throughout with energy efficient LED lights. A digital temperature control shows you easily how cold your fridge is at all times, and the two convenient individual temperature zones allow you to adjust the internal temperature as you see fit.

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Liebherr HCB-1560 30 Fully Integrated Refrigerator
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Unlike the Sub-Zero and Miele, this unit is slightly shorter at 80″ in height. The french doors seal differently than typical. Usually the french doors seal the refrigerator compartment with a plastic flap that sets into the center of the frame once the doors close, allowing the seals to have something to grab all the way around. Liebherr changed the design so that no flap was needed. Instead, powerful magnets are stitched into the flanges in the sides of the doors, allowing the rubber flanges to lock into each other and seal properly once the doors are closed. Innovative little feature.

As with other models listed, this refrigerator comes with SuperCool features, once again allowing you to lower the temperature of the fridge to cool items to ideal storage conditions in much less time. There is also a quantity controlled SuperFrost option, to be used to freeze large quantities of food quickly, saving you time and energy (going back to the Energy Star certification).

Spacious bottom drawer compartments allow for easy storage of items that require additional temperature control, along with family sized freezer capacity for storage of meats or boxes and packages (read: pizza boxes) that are often too big for traditionally sized freezers. The DuoCooling System maintains optimal, but separate, cooling settings in the refrigerator and freezer sections to ensure the taste and quality of your food are also maintained.

Cold, dry air is circulated in the freezer section, while moist air is used to cool food in the fridge section. These separate cooling systems prevent loss of nutritional value by keeping food only as cool or cold as it needs to be for freshness, never exposing the items to extreme temperatures on either side.

Check The Price to see if this is a slightly cheaper alternative to the Sub-Zero, but has much competition now with the new Fisher & Paykel units due to their much lower price. Unlike the Fisher & Paykel refrigerator however, these have been on the market for many years now and are given decent marks for reliability. Service is still a bit spotty, and one area I know they are working to improve.