Maytag MSF25D4MDM Side By Side Refrigerator Review

The Maytag MSF25D4MDM costs more to work than the greater part of side-by-sides, yet it has a few components normal for the best refrigerators.

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Maytag MSF25D4MDM Side By Side Refrigerator
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The moderate and tough Maytag MSF25D4MDM offers an aggregate of 24.6 cubic feet of inside limit, stacking up all around contrasted with opposite side-by-side refrigerators we inspected, which normally have around 21 cubic feet for capacity. Of this space, 15.4 cubic feet is for refrigerated nourishments, and the solidified compartment offers 9.2 cubic feet.

In the refrigerator divide, there are five full-width and spill-evidence racks, four of which are movable. This is convenient in the event that you have to store tall or massive things. There is one stickiness controlled drawer, which is perfect for putting away leafy foods, and two standard drawers for association. The entryway has four customizable gallon canisters, two movable 2-liter receptacles and an assigned dairy compartment. The cooler bit takes advantage of its storage room with three customizable glass racks, one settled rack and three movable entryway canisters.

In the event that you neglect to close the entryway the distance and it remains open for some time, an alert sounds to rapidly remind you to close the way to spare vitality and protect any nourishments that could ruin. If a lot of cool air has gotten away, you can utilize the fast cool alternative, which brings down the temperature for a brief timeframe until the interior temperature comes back to ordinary. This element isn’t basic among side-by-side refrigerators and is one expansion that makes the Maytag MSF25D4MDM emerge among the opposition.

The icemaker is mounted on the entryway, which authorizes profitable storage room in the cooler range so you can mastermind more solidified sustenances in there. This ice chest administers squashed or cubed ice, and the water container utilizes a PUR filtration framework, giving separated water to up to six months before you have to change the channel.

One downside for the Maytag MSF25D4MDM is the way that it is not Energy Star consistent, so it costs more to work than numerous different models do. It costs an expected $80 to work yearly. This doesn’t appear like a great deal, however it midpoints out to about $3.41 per cubic foot, making this one of the costliest models to work in our side-by-side refrigerator audits.

One of the best livens of the Maytag MSF25D4MDM is that it accompanies an awesome guarantee. Notwithstanding the standard one year for parts and work, Maytag incorporates a service contract for the fixed framework and compressor. Where opposite side-by-side refrigerators just amplify this guarantee for a long time, Maytag develops it for a great 10 years. This implies in the event that anything breaks, you won’t need to pay much out of pocket to get it settled.

Maytag likewise offers great choices in the event that you ever require bolster for your side-by-side refrigerator and cooler. On the web, you can discover client manuals and answers to FAQs. You can likewise achieve client benefit by phone, email ask for and live talk.


You get a lot of adaptability for sorting out your refrigerated and solidified sustenances with the Maytag MSF25D4MDM. You additionally get a 10-year guarantee on the cooler’s fixed framework, which incorporates the compressor, and that is higher than normal. In any case, you may need to spending more to run this refrigerator, since it utilizes more vitality per cubic foot than opposite side-by-side ice chests.