Samsung RH22H9010SR Side By Side Refrigerator Review

The Samsung RH22H9010SR/AA is a vitality productive refrigerator with loads of storage room and comfort highlights, giving it one of our most astounding rankings for side-by-sides.

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Samsung RH22H9010SR Side By Side Refrigerator
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The Samsung RH22H9010SR/AA is an uncommon stainless steel side-by-side refrigerator with more than 21 cubic feet of aggregate storage room. It has each accommodation highlight we searched for while looking into side-by-side ice chests and components a novel entryway in-entryway outline that makes it more vitality productive than most.

This side-by-side cooler has more than 21 cubic feet of storage room, with 14.3 cubic feet in the refrigerated segment and an extra 7.2 cubic feet in the cooler. This is about normal for a side-by-side refrigerator and is sufficient space to hold a ton of basic supplies.

Energy Use & Efficiency

The Samsung side-by-side cooler is a standout amongst the most vitality effective models we looked into. It costs about $76 every year to utilize, which midpoints out to about $6.33 every month. This refrigerator is one of only a handful few that is Energy Star qualified, which earned it a general productivity score of 95 percent.

Shelving & Storage

This side-by-side refrigerator has three retires in the refrigerated area. Some of these are movable to suit tall things. Some of these racks slide out with the goal that it is simpler to see and achieve things in the back. This component isn’t extremely basic in side-by-side coolers.

The Samsung has six entryway containers, while most coolers just have four. Some of these receptacles are sufficiently enormous to hold gallon-sized compartments. Be that as it may, none of them are an assigned dairy compartment, which would keep sensitive dairy nourishments isolate from more sharp sustenances and make these generally utilized things brisk to get to. One of the entryway receptacles is particularly intended to hold jugs or tall compartments, for example, wine or pop jugs, which are ordinarily excessively massive, making it impossible to fit on standard refrigerator racks. The cooler area has an extra four racks and three entryway canisters.


An extraordinary component on the Samsung is an entryway in-entryway. This permits you to open an extraordinary entryway with a window so you can look through the cooler and choose what you need to get before opening the full entryway. This eliminates the chilly air that breaks when you keep the entryway open while scavenging through the refrigerator. The entryway in-entryway is an awesome vitality sparing component that isn’t on a considerable measure of refrigerators however is turning out to be more prevalent among purchasers.

Other accommodation components are a speedy cool and snappy stop alternative. These elements cause the refrigerator and cooler areas to naturally drop the inward temperatures with a specific end goal to rapidly chill new sustenances inside and to keep up the interior temperature after the entryway has been interested in keep nourishments cool and new.

The control board is situated in conjunction with the ice and water distributor in the cooler entryway. The controls incorporate a tyke bolt for the allocator and an entryway caution that you can set to alarm you when one of the entryways has been left open. The Samsung comes in either a stainless steel or dark wrap up.

Warranty & Support

The Samsung RH22H9010SR/AA accompanies regular industry guarantees. Parts and work for the entire ice chest are secured for an entire year. The fixed framework, which contains the inside parts that keep the refrigerator chilly, is secured for an extra five years. Particular guarantee data is incorporated into the client manual that you can access from the Samsung site.

In the event that you require any individual support for your Samsung ice chest, you can contact bolster delegates through the online visit include. Phone and email support are additionally accessible.


The Samsung RH22H9010SR/AA is a strong stainless steel or dark side-by-side refrigerator. It has a considerable measure of storage room with various racks, including slide-out racks, and additional entryway canisters. The entryway in-entryway is an additional vitality sparing element for a refrigerator that is as of now Energy Star qualified and utilizes less power than numerous similar side-by-side refrigerators. There isn’t an assigned dairy holder, however there is an entryway receptacle intended to easily hold tall containers of pop or wine. Check The Price