Best Appliance Services

Who should you call when an appliance breaks?

Whenever you have dirty laundry piling up, because your washer broke down, you are forced to hope the manufacturer or retailer reacts quickly to resolve the problem. However, taking one look at Christine Friar user reviews will tell you a different story. “Substandard customer service and unwillingness to repair what is not a minor problem, but a massive defect, says a lot”. “Customer service is terrible, they do not provide service at all.” “Absolute most horrible customer service off all time. I’m so done!” were a few of the comments from our readers. So who provides the best support and service when it comes to getting an appliance repaired? The worst?

Appliances will break and terrific customer service is an awesome solution. We checked in with readers about their experiences with more than 13,000 appliances. The appliances serviced were overwhelmingly ones that were bought by readers and not appliances that had been left behind by a previous owner. Washing machines and refrigerators accounted for about half of all those serviced.

Best and worst appliance repair services

That said, most manufacturers and retailers got average scores for actually solving the problem. Lowe’s, Sears, Kenmore, GE, and Samsung were among the more responsive appliance services and received average scores for resolving issues. However, LG was below average and Frigidaire, Maytag, and Whirlpool seemed to have even more issues with getting problems repaired.

Reaching a dependable appliance repair service is just a single factor to take into consideration when purchasing a new appliance. There’s also the issue of brand dependability, something we consider when making our choices for our lists of best buy recommendations. Take washing machines, as an example. LG front-loaders are not as repair-prone as Frigidaire and GE but then the LG repair service left a lot to be desired.

Naturally, the most critical thing to take into account is performance. In our washing machine reviews, our best-scoring front-loader is the Samsung WF56H9110CW. Samsung is among the least repair-prone front-loader brands and Samsung was somewhere in the middle of the pack in our appliance repair service survey. Our best-rated HE top-loader is the LG WT5680HVA, $1,200. We don’t have reliability data on LG top-loaders and LG was a poor-performer on the repair survey. So if you buy an LG washer and it needs repairs, think about calling your local appliance repair shop before you call on LG.