Precor 9.23 Treadmill Review

Our Precor 9.23 Treadmill Review exposes Ground Effects Technology in a gym quality treadmill made for the home. Its patented shock absorption technology helps to prevent injuries and fight performance robbing fatigue.

The all tubular steel construction gives it the extra strength it needs to provide many hours of use. The control console combines pre-programmed routines and other stats to deliver the best workout information you need to get a great workout.

Precor 9.23 Treadmill Review
Precor 9.23 Treadmill Review

According to most fitness experts cardio workouts should be a big part of everyones exercise regimes. For those times that you cannot get outside for good run or walk, the Precor 9.23 treadmill will do the trick. It is the no. 1 rated treadmills amongst its class and for good reason.

It delivers a great workout and thanks to its proprietary Ground Effects technology you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about the problematic joint issues and fatigue that you can get with other models on the market.

The built in heart rate sensors in the handlebars works in conjunction with the SmartRate® heart rate monitoring system to help you maintain your target goal. Since the goal of any cardio workout routine is to keep your heart rate within a specific range. Being able to see it directly on the LCD screen is a huge plus.

Our Precor 9.23 Treadmill Review Exposes These Key Features

  • Patented Ground Effects Impact Control Technology
  • SmartRate® heart rate monitoring system
  • Tubular steel construction
  • Inclines from 0 to 15%  


  • Sturdy Steel frame and deck
  • Extra strong belt
  • Impact control technology help protect your joints from damage
  • Easy to view LCD screen


  • Does not include iPod or MP3 player port
  • Limited programmed exercise routines

Other Opinions on the Precor 9.23 Treadmill?

We discovered several reviews posted online for the Precor 9.23 Treadmill with Ground Effects Technology. From these consumer reviews it received mostly four and five star ratings out of a possible 5 stars.

The construction was definitely a plus as it was mentioned most often. The all tubular steel frame and deck made it feel very sturdy when running on it and the extra thick tread and Ground Effects technology was a huge plus.

The plain Jane design appeared to be mentioned both as a positive by many, but at the same time it was mentioned by some as a negative. So it would appear that it depends on what you are looking for whether it is a good thing or not.

The only real negative we were able to find was that it did not include many frills and that includes no iPod or MP3 player port.

In the end if you are looking for a high quality treadmill that is durable and hold up to hours of use then the Precor 9.3 Treadmill is perfect for you, however, if you are looking for all the bells and whistles, you may want to keep looking elsewhere.