Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners For Your Needs And Budget

Our teams have compared the best upright vacuums. Check our up-to-date comparisons, reviews, & prices for these top rated upright vacuums

The best upright vacuums are easily the most popular type of vacuum cleaners being used in homes today. It has lots of possibilities, is feature-packed and also comes in numerous designs. It derives its name from the fact that it can stand in upright position.

This type of vacuum cleaner is most suitable for cleaning heavy carpeted areas.

Some of the Best Upright vacuums

Best Upright Vacuums

Below you will find our list of the top-rated upright vacuum cleaners. Then, after that, you will find brief reviews of each vacuum.

Its key components are a motor that drives fan, intake and exhaust ports and a bag in which to collect debris and dirt. It provides the greatest power for carpet cleaning. You can use them throughout the home for effective and fast cleaning of the carpet. Certain models of upright vacuum cleaners are even designed to clean bare floors.

Our List of the Best Upright Vacuums

Miele 41HAE030USA Dynamic U1 Series Twist Upright VacuumMiele Dynamic U1 Twist 41HAE030USA is One of the Best Upright Vacuums

Although the Miele Dynamic U1 Twist didn’t perform as well as a lot of other upright vacuums, it more than met our expectations. With its suction power and capabilities in pulling out microscopic allergens.

Miele has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners for several years now. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Miele Dynamic U1 Twist offer some of the best features around.

We closely looked at the upright vacuum cleaner’s capabilities of cleaning all types of floors, its ability to maneuver and how hard it is to perform maintenance on the machine. Ranking ahead of the competition in just about every category. Overall, this vacuum has proven to be an outstanding option, regardless of your needs.

Because of these reasons and more, this vacuum cleaner is sitting at the top of our list of the best upright vacuums. Click here to read the full Miele Dynamic U1 Twist 41HAE030USA Review

Dyson 206031-01 Cinetic Big Ball Animal Closeout Upright VacuumDyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 206031-01 is One of the Best Upright Vacuums

Dyson advertises itself as the company with the science behind vacuum cleaners which never lose suction. This upright vacuum cleaner showed that it has fantastic suction, and it navigated around corners better than the majority of the competition.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal upright vacuum cleaner looks differently than the competition. A flat vacuum head allows for close contact with the floor under it while a big ball that appears somewhat similar to a bouncy exercise ball rests atop it, connected by a joint. Higher up, you will see a canister that allows you to see all of the dirt, debris and hair that it has picked up with its strong suction. Click here to read the full Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal 206031-01

Kenmore 31140 Upright Vacuum CleanerKenmore Intuition 31140 is One of the Best Upright Vacuums

If you are battling pet hair, loose food and thick carpet, the Kenmore Intuition is a good tool for you. It only required a couple of passes to totally inhale our test material, plus it has a broad cleaning path to snag debris.

The Kenmore Intuition is a stylish, sleek upright vacuum that provides with many helpful specialized accessories for pet hair and grabbing difficult-to-reach soil. This vacuum cleaner earns our kudos due to its great suction and overall cleaning performance. Click here to read the full Kenmore Intuition 31140 Review

Eureka Brushroll Clean SuctionSeal Bagless VacuumEureka Brushroll Clean AS3401A is One of the Best Upright Vacuums

This upright vacuum performs well overall when cleaning floors, but is a harder than it should be to navigate around with.

The Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal is a lightweight upright bagless vacuum that cleans carpeted floors,especially when it comes to pet hair well and does a pretty good job on hard floors. Click here to read the full Eureka Brushroll Clean AS3401A Review

Panasonic MC-UL915 Bagless Vacuum CleanerPanasonic JetSpin Cyclone MC-UL915 is One of the Best Upright Vacuums

The Panasonic JetSpin Cyclone is a decent-sized bagless vacuum with powerful suction and a “dirt sensor” light that comes in handy.

The Panasonic JetSpin Cyclone is a large machine which is able to clean floors well with its broad 14-inch cleaning path and strong suction.

It provides an expandable hose which is able to extend to as much as 14 feet, allowing you to use its smaller tools to reach awkward or high places. Click here to read the full Panasonic JetSpin Cyclone MC-UL915 Review

Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum CleanerHoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 BH50140 is One of the Best Upright Vacuums

This upright bagless vacuum cleaner is a snap to move around and carry upstairs. It is able to maneuver in a smooth manner and and its two lithium batteries are capable of lasting as long as 50 minutes.

This slick little upright vacuum does a surprisingly fine job for regular cleaning tasks. It is lightweight and glides with minimal effort around and under most furniture.

The Hoover Air Cordless vacuum is powered by a battery, but it does a really good job cleaning in spite of lacking the electrical oomph as the corded counterpart. Click here to read the full Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 BH50140 Review

Note: If you are not sure what you need, check out our Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide to learn more. That is the first step to getting one of the Best Vacuum Cleaners for your needs.