Black & Decker Flex FHV1200 Handheld Vacuum Review

Features of the Black and Decker FHV1200:

This lightweight and ergonomic vacuum packs a punch – it is rated at close to 25 air watts.

black and decker hand vacuum

To put this in perspective, the Dyson DC44 in normal mode is rated at around 28 air watts so in essence this is nearly as powerful as a Dyson.

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It has a 4 foot flex hose that makes this one of the more versatile hand held vacuums in the market right now.

This hose allows you to apply more pressure on upholstery, which is very helpful when cleaning pet hair and embedded dirt in carpet.

This hose can be uncoiled when you’re trying to clean though to reach spots like sofas and clamped back on when you just want to clean open areas like baseboards.

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Bare Floor Performance

This product is designed specifically for spot clean ups. No more, no less.

The powerful suction works great on picking up cob webs, dust bunnies and all sorts of small debris but it may struggle with bigger ones like crushed Doritos, nachos or shop debris like saw dust and screws – it has a tendency to regurgitate it.

Carpet Performance

Even though it has strong suction, don’t expect this to clean large areas of carpet.

The run time isn’t adequate enough for this to more than clean a few spots here and there.

This would be perfect to clean up the edges of walls and baseboards, a perfect complement to a robot vacuum if you own one.

Pet Hair Removal

A number of owners were quite pleased with how the pet hair attachment tackled pet hair. It has an unusual design but it did the job.

No, it doesn’t use a motorized brushed like more expensive brands but relies purely on agitation to get the job done.

This works especially well on fabric upholstery, an area where pets usually like to hang out…

Charge Time

It takes a very long time to charge, around 21 hours.

Since this one uses a nickel cadmium battery, don’t run it until its completely drained or the battery cells will reverse and damage the cells – this shortens battery life significantly.

Filter Clean up

Emptying this is a straightforward process.

Pull the door latch to open

Take off the “pre-filter” (this is the plastic that covers the filter)
Remove the filter (yes, it is washable, use warm soapy water)
Tap vigorously to remove trapped dirt inside the dirt container
For certain types of debris that has a lot of static like hair and saw dust, you might need to use your fingers to dislodge it.

Take note that the filters aren’t HEPA rated so it won’t filter out allergens.

Run Time

Most consumers reported a runtime as low as 2 minutes to as long as 20 minutes.

The majority of reviews reported around 5-10 minutes – just to give you a baseline figure.


Black and Decker will give a 2 year warranty on the vacuum and battery.


While this product is far from perfect, if used for what it is intended for, it will yield positive results in and around your home.

This would be a great complement to other types of vacuums that would have difficulty cleaning upholstery, blinds, edges of walls and other hard to reach areas.

Make sure that you don’t completely drain the battery so that it’ll last longer.

It comes with a two year warranty so combine that with the price (less than $70), this makes it one of the better deals that we have right now in the market.

Other brands could only give you a 1 year warranty.