Dyson Cinetic Canister Vacuum Review

In this Dyson Cinetic Ball Animal Canister Vacuum 65024-01 review, we’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of Dyson’s Cinetic Ball design.

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Dyson Cinetic Canister Vacuum

Advantages of the Dyson Cinetic Ball

This vacuum is, as you would find with all Dyson vacuums, dependable. Dyson canister vacuums are even with Kenmore and Miele on dependability in Consumer Reports. Dyson canister vacuums came in with an 8% repair rate overall, while ten percent of Hoover canister vacuums required repair in a given year. For Electrolux, the rate was a mind-boggling 13%.

This vacuum comes with a tiny footprint and small turn radius, because of the ball that it rotates on.

This vacuum keeps powerful suction even while the canister is filling up and does not lose suction power due to the filter getting clogged because it doesn’t have a filter.

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This vacuum is able to pick up the ultra-fine particles of dust and mold, and it never vents a fine dust cloud behind you. It scores much higher than average when it comes to picking up pet dander.

The vacuum comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Dyson Cinetic Ball provides a turbine tool to use for picking up dirt, debris and pet dander from upholstery. It does a good job of doing this, however, it should be noted that the tool provides less suction than the main vacuum head. The Cinetic Ball’s turbine tool does an outstanding job of picking up pet fur off of upholstery without tangling on said fur.

The vacuum has built in storage for accessories. They click into place, staying there securely until you push a button to release it.

You can use all of the accessories with the hose, with the handle and with the hose and handle combined.

The handle and hose combined have a whopping ten feet in reach. You can clean the drapes and the far side of the couch with this vacuum.

The Dyson’s 21 foot power cord is retractable. You don’t have to plug it in before unplugging it as you vacuum around a room, and the cord slickly retracts out of the way as you move. The cord length itself rates as good to excellent in length.

Disadvantages of the Dyson Cinetic Ball

The biggest disadvantage for this model is the size of the canister. It fills up fast, meaning canister needs to be emptied more frequently whether you are picking up a lot of pet fur or cleaning a really dirty house. Emptying the dust container a little more inconvenient than what you will find with some other Dyson vacuums.

This model costs around $550. This is more costly than the Dyson DC65, which managed to place third in the bagless upright vacuum category of the 2015 Consumer Reports.

However, this vacuum does not require replacement filters, lowering the overall lifetime maintenance costs.

You aren’t able to turn off the brush bar. Other Dyson vacuums allow you to do this.

Our Thoughts

This Dyson Cinetic Ball Animal Canister Vacuum 65024-01 review would be incomplete if it were missing the information that could affect your selection but is definitely not us making the selection for you.

This vacuum is missing the headlight to aid in seeing where the vacuum nozzle is located, though it does have a low profile head and long hose that allows you to access those dark, dank corners that you desperately have to get vacuumed.

This vacuum is capable of cleaning hardwood floors and carpets so long as they aren’t plush. This vacuum will fail in getting berber and the other more thick carpets clean.

The vacuum weighs in at 24 pounds and has powerful suction. Older individuals that don’t have as much upper body strength could have issues with moving it up and down stairs or pushing and pulling the unit along while cleaning the house. Click here to find buy it cheaper and get more information from Amazon.com.