Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The name Hoover is synonymous with vacuums. That causes us to say that the Air Cordless Series 3.0 a very nice surprise. It’s a stylish, full-size vacuum with the same ease of use as you find with a stick model.

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Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It isn’t nearly as mobile as the Motorhead, but at this price point, it’s a much better alternative to those who aren’t looking to invest too heavily in an upright vacuum. It’s a fantastic option however if you’re looking for something to supply the power of an upright vacuum, but prefer something lighter and without the restrictions of a power cord.

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The Air Cordless is beautiful in a futuristic, technological way. It’s designed primarily of different shades of gray plastic, with blue accents that are normally used for highlighting a functional part of the design, such as the Brushroll and Power buttons. It stands just shy of four feet tall, and the handle comes with a rubberized grip that’s extremely comfortable to hold.

It weighs in at just under 10 pounds, which is two times as a lot of the stick vacuums, but very light for a full-size upright vacuum. The relatively light weight and missing cord makes it extremely easy to navigate from one room to another.

One massive benefit to using a full-size vacuum instead of a stick is that you have a much bigger dust bin. The Air Cordless is able to hold as much as 1.05 liters of debris, which is more than twice the 0.45-liter capacity of the Dyson Motorhead. Taking off and emptying the bin is very easy: An Eject trigger located at the top of the compartment removes the canister away from the body of the vacuum easily, and another button at the bottom of the bin opens the chamber, allowing you to empty it easily into the garbage without the need to come into any kind of contact with debris. Check Amazon.com to find the best deal.

The Air Cordless will last you a lot longer than a stick vacuum too. Having two LithiumLife batteries which are good for 50 minutes of power, which Hoover states should be adequate for cleaning a 2,500-square foot home. Once more, that’s more than twice the battery life on the Motorhead, which is critical if you want to vacuum a huge space at one time. The only disadvantage here is that you’ll have to change the batteries out in the middle of the cleaning process if you’re cleaning for longer than 25 minutes. For charging the batteries, you have to place them in a charging cradle that shows clearly when they have attained a full charge. However, it is only capable of charging one battery at a time. The batteries themselves also provide an LED-based charge level indicator, which is extremely handy.

Attachments and Features

One of my favorite features of the Air Cordless is also one of its most simple. From the moment you turn it on, an LED headlight at the bottom of the vacuum lights the path in front of you. Almost making it possible to vacuum in the dark, and more importantly it provides you with a better idea of the coverage area. During testing, it also aided in the illumination of some hair on the floor that I was unable to see with normal overhead lighting.

The vacuum comes with a few attachments, which includes a pivoting dusting tool and a two-in-one dusting and crevice tool. Combined with the nearly 180-degree swivel capabilities of the vacuum itself, this should provide just about everything you want to get into the majority of corners in your home.


The Air Cordless utilizes Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 technology to clean, which can also be found in a majority of the other upright vacuums from Hoover. It means, pretty much, that the vacuum makes use of three distinct air channels that lift and remove embedded, deep-down dirt.

I ran the Air Cordless in comparison to the Dyson DC59 Animal, which is a little bit less powerful than the Dyson Motorhead. On a low-pile carpet I made three different lines of Cheerios, baking soda, and cat litter, then ran each vacuum over the lines to find out how they performed. The each showed almost identical cleaning power: The Animal captured more baking soda on the first pass, while the Air Cordless picked up more litter . Both vacuums sucked up almost everything on the second pass.

Both vacuums were unable to pick up all the cereal at one time, but not because of a lack of suction power. Instead, many of the Cheerios on the outside of the vacuum head were shoved out to the side, causing me to have to make another pass to suck them all up.

The vacuum provides a hard floor brushroll and a multi-floor brushroll. The hard floor brushroll is designed specifically for high gloss or very fragile floors, so I mainly tested with the multi-floor brushroll. The button to turn it on or off is located across from the Power button, though I discovered that the vacuum performed at its best when keeping the brushroll kept on during the cleaning process of the majority of surfaces.

Our Verdict

The Hoover Air Cordless Series 3.0 is an impressively versatile vacuum cleaner. You reap all of the benefits of an upright vacuum—namely a lot of power and a huge dustbin—along with the majority of the benefits that you will find with a stick vacuum, such as a cordless, lightweight design.

Although it remains more difficult to push around the house than a premium vacuum from Dyson, like the DC59 Motorhead, the Air Cordless cleans two times as much for two times as long. It’s a little expensive when compared with some of the corded options, but it provides a nice mix of performance and power for anyone searching for a cordless cleaner capable of cleaning the entire home. Typically, you can find the best deal at Amazon.com, as they usually run specials or offer discounts.