Hoover Quiet Performance SH30050 Canister Vacuum Review

Hoover Quiet Performance Bagged Canister Vacuum SH30050 excels in both performance and design and does a fantastic job with cleaning out house pollutants. Built with a strong design with a lot of practical extras, which includes swivel wheels that smoothly move along the ground, this very popular vacuum is ideal for for larger homes.

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Hoover Quiet Performance SH30050 Canister Vacuum

Perfect for floors of any type, Hoover Quiet Performance Bagged Canister Vacuum SH30050 is easily on par with any rival. Precisely what other options would make Hoover SH30050 unique? Check out our detailed review below.

[Regardless of which vacuum you choose as the winner, check out our Vacuum Buying Guide for advice on which features you will want to look out for.]


  • Exclusive WindTunnel 3 Technology
  • Deep downSteerable Technology
  • 5 Speed Suction option
  • Silent operation
  • HEPA Media filter
  • Complete Accessory Pack: Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Hard Floor Brush, Telescoping Extension Wand


This Hoover does earn bonus points for how easy it is to maneuver. The wand pivots off the head of the vacuum easily and provides you with a full 360-degree range of motion. It also contracts to the size of a hand vacuum, so it’s one of the more impressive canisters for using on stairs and upholstery. The body of the vacuum maneuvers easily on its wheels, though the vacuum, on the whole, comes in at  pretty heavy 14.7 pounds, which is a big issue for some, especially when you consider the 1.1-liter canister is one of the smaller in our reviews. Other lightweight canister vacuums were much lighter and provided nearly two times as much volume.

We were disappointed with the attachments that are provided with the vacuum. We’d like to have separate attachments, but the Hoover tries including everything in a 3-in-1 design. The dusting brush is contained inside the crevice tool and has to be extended, but it’s so tiny that we don’t think of it as a true dusting brush. The crevice tool stays beneath the bristles, which means it doesn’t get the traction you’ll want in order to scrape off pet hair and other materials which usually cling to carpet. If you own pets, you have a better option with getting a vacuum that provides a brush that you can detach.

Hoover provides the minimum of support on its website and only offers a two-year warranty. That’s way less than the standard five-year warranty of other vacuum cleaners. Also, since you have to keep replacing the bag, it costs you around $50 more a year than if you had a bagless canister vacuum.


Hoover did a great job in developing a vacuum with great maneuverability and is very quiet, however they came up short in providing essential attachments and a powerful motor. It comes up a little short of some of the other canister vacuums we reviewed in cleaning power and convenience. Check Amazon.com for more information or to purchase. Amazon.com usually offers the best prices.