iRobot Roomba 870 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

There are a lot of innovations happening right now. If you blink, you may miss some of the most incredible ones. For instance, right now there are a lot of changes going on in regards to the world of home cleaning. Yes, there’s a lot of appliances that you may have seen, but you may not have jumped into certain options. For instance, if you haven’t thought about your vacuum yet, you should rethink the whole thing.

There was a time when you would have to lug around a heavy duty vacuum to get your house really clean. This becomes evident when you consider pets and allergens that could be floating around the air and lurking in carpets and rugs.

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iRobot Roomba 870 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Innovation has come to this, and it’s not just a matter of better vacuums, it’s about automations. For instance, you’ll want to see the iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot For Pets and Allergies as a standard of great technology and useful implementations. This review will help you get a handle on why this is a great option to consider moving forward with overall.

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The Feature Break Down

First and foremost, you will want to look at the features that make this work. You will be surprised with how much has gone into creating this iteration of automated vacuum design. There have been several options on the market, but none of them have received the same amount of praise and focus that this has received. As such, you are going to see that there are a lot of great elements to consider overall. This includes the following breakdown of mainline features.

iAdapt navigation
3 Stage Cleaning
AeroForce System
Hepa Style Filter
Automated Cleaning
Fast Cleaning
Anti-Tangle Extractors
Easy Set up
Large Size
Sensors For Isolating Dirt
iRobot Branding
Exploring Features Closer

Before you open up your wallet, make sure that you take a look at the feature’s list a bit closer. As you start to put together all the different elements that make this grand, you’ll see that there are some great features that other robot vacuums simply can’t compete with. Consider the following elements as part of the larger picture that is offered with the iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot For Pets and Allergies.

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Filter System

The filter system here is made of HEPA style implementation. It pulls in a lot of allergens, dander, and much more. You will not have to worry about issues with breathing when this is running through. You will end up with a positive option that will end up giving you a leg up against a variety of issues that could become airborne. It filters up to 50% more than the average vacuum and it does so automatically. Automation and design go hand in hand here, which is why so many are jumping on board this release.

Sensors Galore

One of the main line features that you are going to find to be true about this release is the iAdapt Navigation system. This detects elements in your home and avoids them. It maps out the home and cleans up automatically, without interfering with what you have in place. That means no more bumping into furniture or hitting walls. It will also detect elevation and will avoid falling down stairs. It will adjust, turn, and continue moving forward to cleaning areas in your home that are needed.

Tangle Free Extractors

One of the worst things that can happen to a vacuum is getting hair, and debris tangled in the brushes. Over time, this will clogged the suction and cause a serious issue with the motor. Most people end up having to replace their vacuum because of this and that’s why many look for other options overall. In the case of this release, you’ll find that there is no clogs, no tangles, and nothing to really worry about in terms of extracting the right components. The tangle free element is definitely a high selling point for those with pets, dander and more getting put into the rugs and carpeting.

The Pros and Cons

As with any high ticket item, it’s best to look into a list of pros and cons that are based on reviews. This will give you a good overall look and feel as to whether or not the option you want to buy is worth it. In the case of the Roomba 870 the reviews are mostly positive. However, a few notes will definitely showcase some negative elements. This quick list is based on real reviews.

Fast Cleaning – the cleaning system works great, fast, and automatically. No need to push it or show it where the dirt is, it will automatically move forward to get it when needed.

Cleans Daily – you can program this to clean 7 days a week. Many users found that to be the selling point worth mentioning most. You can have a spotless home as a result of this, and that’s definitely a plus for those that want cleaner carpets and flooring.

Simple Start – for those that don’t’ want to fool with programs, you can hit “start” and the robot will go and clean the house.

A Quick List of Cons

Too Bulky – some users found that the size was too large and bulky.

Stopped Working – there are a handful of users that saw their device stop working altogether without warning.

The Bottom Line (recommendation)

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that the iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot For Pets and Allergies is a solid contender for best vacuum. It’s automated, gets a lot of the dander, dirt, and grime in your carpets, and does so automatically. There’s no need to worry about pushing, or forcing things forward. This is a simple option that will definitely clean your home and give you a great opportunity to free up your schedule. It has the iRobot branding, and definitely great for those that are dealing with allergies, and have pets running around. With many features, and high praise from consumers, it’s a great solution to keep your home clean. If you are interested in purchasing this, or learning more about it, Click here to visit