Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Technology and the home go hand in hand sometimes. However, you don’t always get to see the innovations that come to cleaning. That’s all starting to change as tech and home cleaning options are starting to mix quite well. With the introduction of high tech vacuum cleaners, many are starting to do less chores and get the house a lot cleaner.

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Neato XV Signature Pro Pet Allergy Robot Vacuum

How can this be? Well it’s with the introduction of automated vacuum cleaners that many are starting to see themselves get the upper hand. You’re going to see these options proliferate homes across the world, especially those that have a lot of carpet and hardwood mixtures throughout. If you’re going to look into getting a new vacuum, why not take the plunge and look at what an automated cleaner like the Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum Cleaner can offer. This is a solid option with a lot of features to explore, and can give you a handle on cleaning today as well as in the future.

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The Feature Break Down

Anything that you buy in regards to tech is going to have a long list of features. Some of them are nothing more than marketing elements, but when it comes to vacuums, you should see how they measure up. You’ll find that the features can tie together a lot of real world elements, and could give you a better chance to validate the overall cleaning power that the manufacturer claims. In the case of the Neato solution, you will see that there are several features up front, and they include.

Clean Various Floor Types
Spot Clean
Change Schedule Fast
Two Filter System
Blade and Brush System
Strong Suction
Automated Cleaning
Perfect For Pet Dander
Multi Room Cleaning
Fast Charging
Simple To Use
Exploring Features Closer

Before you go out and buy any option, it’s imperative that you look at the features on a closer level. Often times people purchase items based solely on the features but don’t realize how they are all connected, or how they work. In the case of the Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum Cleaner, you will find that as you give it a closer look, you will definitely see a positive movement forward. It’s definitely a symbiotic relationship that is worth exploring on different levels.

The Automated Floor Change

Your home may not have just one floor type. In that case, you will not have to worry about changing the vacuum or the settings. This robotic solution automatically adjusts to fit the right floor type. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, you can ensure that you are moving forward with relative ease. You will be able to get an automated solution that gives you peace of mind. It will flow through the home without having to adjust manually, and that’s the beauty of this.

Strong Suction

This option from Neato has been touted as having the strong suction amidst the robot vacuums today. That’s a bold statement, but many people have confirmed that this is in fact a strong option for a lot of different reasons. If you are looking at making sure that your vacuum is picking up on the right elements, then you will love this one. Cleaning heavy soiled carpeting, rugs, and more becomes a lot easier to manage, that’s for sure.

Daily Cleaning

For those that want a spotless house, the Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum Cleaner gives you signature cleaning on a daily basis. You can set up a program to clean on a daily basis, and get your vacuum through the areas on a daily basis. 7 days a week, you can have a clean home without having to pull out an old clunky vacuum and push it around for hours. Your chores will get done so fast, you’ll have extra time to just lounge around and enjoy your day.

The Pros and Cons

Whenever looking at purchasing a high ticket item, it’s imperative that you read the positive and negative reviews. You can learn a lot from both sides of the coin and it can definitely give you a look at how things are overall. In this case, there are a lot of positives over the negatives, but this is not a perfect vacuum, but then again, there are no “perfect” options right now.

Fast Moving – the speed at which this works is great, reviewers have noted that it’s fast, and efficient.

Heavy Suction – as for spot cleaning and getting areas that have heavy soil, this is a great option and can definitely clean up after children, pets, and more.

Automated – no more pulling out bags, or clunky canisters, this works very well as a standalone solution around the house. Simply set it, and watch it isolate dirt and get forward progress.

A Quick List of Cons

Bulky – some reviewers claimed that this was a bit more bulky than competitors, and the large option didn’t have visual design flow like others.

Hard To Program – some users found that it was tough to program the right options

Too Strong – the suction for some was too strong, and caused issues with certain flooring types, but no further details were given in this regards amidst several reviews.

The Bottom Line (recommendation)

As you can see, the Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a good overall vacuum. If you’re in the market for an automated vacuum system, this is definitely one to consider overall. It’s going to pay off dividends and will definitely keep your house clean and clear. It’s not something that you should overlook as it’s the future of cleaning the home. No more bags, no more messes, and no more forgetting to clean up after your pets and children. Just set this thing up, and watch it isolate dirt, and work magic with even the most heavily soiled rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors. You’ll find that this makes life a little easier when it comes to doing chores, that’s for sure. If you are looking to buy the Neato XV Signature Pro Pet & Allergy Robot then we recommend heading over to Amazon and checking it this product.