Panasonic MC-UL915 Jet Force Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you are among the people searching for a vacuum with a HEPA fitler, or an upright vacuum without bags, or a vacuum with long cord, or a vacuum that provides a pet hair attachment, then you should think about this Panasonic MC-UL915 Jet Force Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

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Panasonic MC-UL915 Jet Force Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

It provides you with HEPA filter, allowing you to get cleaner exhaust; it is bagless, saving you money from not having to purchase bags; it comes with a 35 foot cord so you don’t need to keep continuously change power outlets, it has a Pet Air Turbine Brush to assist with picking up stubborn dog and cat hair from upholstery and stairs.

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Below are the advantages and disadvantages of owning the Panasonic MC-UL915 Jet Force Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner:


  • Excellent suction.
  • Does a good job on carpets, you get visible cleaning results.
  • Long power cable so you don’t have to keep changing outlets.
  • Dirt sensor can find large particles.
  • Clean along edges well.
  • Has bursh On/Off control to meet the needs of cleaning carpets and bare floors.
  • Handle adjusts to fit different users height.
  • Has bumper and do not scratch furniture.
  • Handles pet hair well.
  • Front light is good to clean low light spots.
  • Telescopic wand allows you to clean hard to reach areas.
  • The cyclone dirt seperator works well.
  • Easy to use attachments, easy to pop on and detach.
  • The rotating brush tool works well on couches.


  • It is bulky and weighs about 20 pounds, a bit heavy to carry up and down stairs.
  • You might touch dirt while clean the dust container.
  • It takes some time to get used to pulling out and put back the dust container.
  • Dirt sensor cannot find small particles.
  • Not all tools store on the unit. You will worry about losing the one that does not store onboard.
  • Wheels could be larger. It does not roll well on carpet.

Our Verdict

Easily one of the more versatile vacuum cleaners, the Panasonic MC-UL915 Jet Force Bagless Vacuum Cleaner’s solid performance with high-pile carpet is definitely one of the most attractive things in its list of highlights.

Efficient suction, a snap to use and of course total price makes the Panasonic MC-UL915 Jet Force Bagless Vacuum Cleaner one of the most dynamic and trustworthy vacuums. Often able to find the best prices, we suggest that you go to to purchase or get more information.