Samsung Motion Sync VC-F700G Canister Vacuum Review

The Samsung VC12F70HNKC, part of the VC-F700G series, definitely has a distinctive design. Samsung is touting its big wheels and swiveling body as Motion Sync: a feature making it easier to pull around as you clean.

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Samsung Motion Sync VC-F700G Canister Vacuum

Other than the noteworthy body, the F700G provides a few nice features: Its user interface is designed well, and you’re able to control the majority of the functions from the handle. Meaning you don’t need to bend over or look away to make adjustments while vacuuming.

However, all these sweet design features don’t make the VC-700G any better at cleaning. Our tests indicate that it has difficulty with picking up simple dirt from high-pile carpet or even picking up food debris from kitchen floors or even.

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A lot of vacuums provide you with separate crevice and dusting tools, despite both often being used together: You dust a tight space and then you get the corners. So, we can’t make a fuss that Samsung has chosen to combine these two into one attachment. And they’re built directly into the handle, so you’ll never misplace them.

In the box, there will also be a parquet floor head, power brush plus, and two-step brush. The brushes each provide dust sensors which let you know if an area is totally clean.


It’s odd to find a fantastically designed canister together with such a disappointing brush head. The canister is designed specifically to roll over gaps in between floor and tiles, and rotate as the user drags it along. But, the brush head feels weak, and the wand is balanced so poorly that it tumbles over if you stop in the middle of vacuuming and step away. The brush will swivel, but once dirt gets into the mechanism, it made annoying scratching sounds.

Speaking for the canister itself, it pulls along easily with just a slight tug. However, the mobility ends the minute you need to haul it upstairs—at 23.6 pounds, this vacuum is a bit of work to carry. But when you get it where it needs to be, the VC-F700G is a snap to use. The majority of the controls are located on the handle so you can access them quickly, and the cord retracts at the press of a button. Click here to check the price and buy it on

Cleaning Performance

In our lab tests, the Samsung VC-F700G did well at picking up dirt from carpets, but had a difficult time with thicker carpets. On average, it picked up seventy-four percent of all dirt on regular carpet and fourteen percent on high-pile. In comparison to all the other vacuums we’ve reviewed, those numbers are not real impressive.

The VC-F700G didn’t perform as well when it came to picking up debris. It sucked up macaroni and rice off the bare floors we used for our review, but after placing the debris onto a carpet, this Samsung had a difficult time. It changed in performance from getting a kitchen floor nearly spotless to leaving a mess on normal and high-pile carpeting that was easily visible.


The Samsung VC-F700G is a decent vacuum, ranking in the middle of the field. It did pretty well on bare floors in our reviews, but it experienced difficulty on carpet. Overall, some of the other vacuum cleaners in this price range performed better at cleaning.

But, Samsung shines when it comes to the user interface. The controls on the body and handle are very easy to navigate. The multi-tool attachment built directly into the body keeps you from misplacing separate crevice and dusting tools. If you are looking for a basic, bagless canister that is easy to pull along behind you, this Samsung is a decent choice, however it is not the best canister vacuum in this price range.